Thursday, October 7, 2010

Randomness Again

So here are just some random thoughts of late:
*Luke is absolutely still in love with "Dinosaur Train." It's a PBS show about dinosaurs who ride a train to different time periods and meet all kinds of dinosaurs and learn interesting facts about them. As far as kid shows go, I give this one a big thumbs up because Troy and I can watch it and be "interested" and the songs are not annoying plus how can two geologists not appreciate our child learning about dinosaurs. The best part about this is that a new line of toys has just come out to go along with the series and I know a certain little boy who will enjoy said toys come Christmas time.
*I am still constantly amazed at how well Luke talks, what words he uses and his sentence structure. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is in sentence form and the sentences continue to get more complex every day. I LOVE that we can have full conversations now. A couple of the newest things: saying wow and that's great; following every question with okay; calling Maggie Magger Moo (so cute); using more pronouns correctly; being able to say more letters correctly including "G" and "S".
*Luke is also becoming more and more imaginative which is so fun to watch. If I'm lucky in the mornings he won't hear me come upstairs and I can watch him from the doorway to his room as he plays with his stuffed animals. It also seems that Elmo feels how Luke is feeling so it's a great form of communication.

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