Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Escape Artist

I apparently jinxed myself the other day when I said Luke hadn't gotten out of his room during the night. It wasn't during the night per say but about 20 minutes after we put Luke to bed last night, Troy and I were sitting in the family room and in walks Luke. Um, hello, what are you doing downstairs? I had to do a double take, really I did because we didn't hear him open or close his door at all (which we normally do if he gets out). Luke told us he wanted some water. All righty then. So as we're walking back upstairs we talked about staying in bed and going to sleep. After a drink of water and getting tucked back in, Luke was quiet for about 5 minutes. Then we heard his door open. I had put the gate up on the other side of the door so he wasn't able to get out this time. Troy went up to tell Luke again that he needed to stay in bed and it was time to go to sleep. Apparentely Troy scared Luke when he opened his bedroom door because he was running back to his bed when Troy came in. Thankfully Luke stayed in bed after the second reminder although it took him forever to go to sleep.

This morning was another surprise. Luke has slept in until 8:45 the last two mornings so I was thinking I would have plenty of time to get up and ready if my alarm went off at 7:30. I hit snooze twice I think and just as I was getting out of bed I heard Luke wake up at 7:45. He was an hour early (of course I should know by now that there are no guarantees when it comes to a toddler). This has happened before so I thought I would quickly take a shower before going upstairs to get him. Wrong again! Just as I was about to turn the water on I heard Luke walking down the stairs. What?!?! How did he get around the gate? I met him at the bottom of the stairs and asked him just that. He looked at me like it was absolutely no big deal and said, "I went through the closet Mom." That means he went through the jack-n-jill bathroom to the other bedroom and opened 3 doors along the way. Ugh! My child has figured out the art of the escape. I grabbed another gate while we were at Target this morning. I won't mention any more about that to hopefully prevent future jinxing.

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Ashley M said...

hahaha. hahahhahahahahahah. welcome to my world, friend. it's full of toddler escaping anxiety :)