Monday, March 14, 2011

More Randomness

More random thoughts and happenings:

*We grilled hamburgers last week and Troy asked Luke if he wanted to try a pickle. Luke LOVED it! Since then he has requested them for almost every meal including breakfast.

*Luke has started telling us stories. I love this. It generally goes like this.
L: I have a story for you guys.
Us: Okay, please tell us a story.
L: It used to be really really cold. (pause) Then it gets warmer and warmer. (pause) Then a little boy gets to go outside. (pause) And play in his sandbox!
Us: Is the boy Luke?
L: Yep

*Rather than yelling for me when Luke wakes up from his nap, he has figured out how to open his door (with the supposed child-proof handle on it) and come downstairs on his own. I have to say I kind of like this. There's no yelling on his part and he seems to come downstairs in a better mood. We still have the gate up overnight so he can't get out of his room during the night if he were to wake up.

*Daylight savings time has helped us get back on our normal schedule--YAY!!! I may be saying that a bit early but I was so excited that Luke slept until 8:45 this morning and took over a 2 hour nap today and yesterday.

*Today is Benjamin's 2nd birthday so Happy Birthday to Benjamin. He and Ashley came over this morning for a while so the boys could play together. They have so much fun together. It always makes me smile watching them play.

*I'm ready for spring to really be here and for the colder temperatures to go away completely. Luke gets very upset and frustrated by some of these colder days we're having because it's too windy and cool to go outside to play.

*Yesterday afternoon we all watched a movie after Luke got up from his nap. It was a lazy, cozy Sunday afternoon and Luke's allergies are making him feel a bit under the weather. During the movie, Troy said that he loved the running commentary we were getting from Luke. Luke was describing every scene for us as if we weren't watching the movie with him. It was awesome!

*Two of Luke's most favorite activities right now--playing in his tent with Dad and being chased or chasing Dad. After dinner each night these activities are repeated over and over. I love watching the two of them play together. It brings joy to my heart :)

*This is post 197--only 3 more until I've done 200. I'm excited by that.

Have a good week :)

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