Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Days of MDO

Yesterday was the first day of MDO. Luke will be going to school two days a week this year, Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday went great. Luke got up without much fuss, ate a good breakfast and even smiled for some pictures before we left. When we got to school he didn't hesitate at all. Luke willingly carried his lunch bag (we're working on carrying the backpack) and walked up the flight of stairs to his new classroom. He helped me but his stuff in his cubby and then he found his school bus name and put it on the tree all by himself. I then gave him a big hug, said I love you and left.

Instead of going inside to pick up your child this year, the parents line up in our cars and the teachers bring your child to you. This will be a super big help once the baby is here. Yesterday was a little hectic figuring that out for the first time but it went fine. I also don't get a note telling me about Luke's day this year which is a bit of a bummer. So on the way home yesterday I tried to get a description of Luke's day from Luke. I didn't get a bunch but he was excited to tell me that he now gets to play on the "big" playground; he also said they watched "Veggie Tales" during rest time (no nap this year either); Luke was happy to tell me he went potty on the big potty (I'm hoping watching other kids helps Luke with this); Luke said they didn't sing any songs or work on numbers, shapes or colors but that is part of his curriculum so I imagine they probably did. I'm sure as the year goes on I'll be able to get more info about what happens through the day. I do know that Luke was one tired boy when he got home. He went to bed about 30 minutes early and didn't make one peep after I left his room.

I wish I could say this morning went as well as yesterday but not so. Luke didn't want to get out of bed, eat breakfast, get dressed or get in the car. He had about a 15 minute temper tantrum saying over and over that he didn't want to go to school. These mornings are so hard! I am hoping my decision to go to school two days in a row wasn't a bad one--I guess time will tell. Once we managed to get in the car Luke settled down fairly quick and we got inside the school without any problems.

As I'm typing this Luke is watching "Dinosaur Train" and having some chill time. The first thing Luke did today when I picked him up was a big, huge yawn. I asked him if he was tired and of course the answer was no but he almost fell asleep on the short 7 minute ride home. Our conversation about the day today was even more sparse than yesterday. His first answer to what did you do today was and I quote, "Nothing." Great, my child is only 3 and we've already started with the nothings. After a bit more prying I learned that they played outside, watched another movie at rest time and ate lunch. As I said above, hopefully I'll be able to get more information as the year goes on.

Oh, one final note. This morning when I dropped him off both of his teachers made a point of telling me that Luke is such a sweet boy. Of course that made me feel great! I realize that they could have said that to several parents this morning but I'm glad that they could tell that after spending only one day with Luke.

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