Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week in KC

Last week Luke and I went to Kansas City. We stayed with Grammy and PawPaw from Tuesday through Friday. Troy flew up on Friday morning and he and Luke had some man time before lunch and nap time. On Friday afternoon we took Luke to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Hogancamp for the weekend so that we could go to a wedding Friday night and also enjoy a two night stay at a bed and breakfast for some us time.

Our activities through the week included a trip to Deanna Rose Farm where Luke enjoyed his first pony ride; some shopping; eating out a few times; and of course playing and having fun with all the grandparents and Aunt Sarah.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with Luke and Grandma and Grandpa Hogancamp because I wasn't with them all weekend. However, Luke had a great time with them. He has mentioned several times since we've been home a small tidbit about his time with them and he's mentioned more than once the man time he had with Grandpa on their trip to Lowe's.

Troy and I really enjoyed our time alone together. We stayed at a great bed and breakfast just off the Plaza. It seemed like all we did all weekend was enjoy really awesome food without rushing. It was great to have some us time before baby #2 comes along.

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