Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts I wanted to share:

1. The following conversation occurred on Tuesday night when Troy and I showed Luke the DVD of the 4D ultrasound.

Luke: I'm very excited for the baby to come out.
Troy: I'm excited too Luke.
Luke: Mom, you're excited too, right?
Me: Absolutely!

Luke has been happy and/or excited about this baby from the beginning. I truly hope he still feels that way after the baby is born.

2. At MDO yesterday Luke got a huge goose egg on his forehead and I mean it's big. Unfortunately his teachers didn't see what happened and he didn't cry when it happened so they didn't know he was hurt. Luke's a tough kid which is a bit scary for me. We all told him how important it is to let his teachers know if he gets hurt. I managed to figure out from Luke that he hit his head while on the slide and another child said he went down the slide on his tummy. Not until bed time last night when Luke was talking to Troy about it did we learn that another little boy pushed Luke down the slide. This is a hard situation for me. I want to let his teachers know what Luke said but I don't want to "tattle" on the other child. How would you handle this one?

3. Luke and I had a picnic lunch at the park today. It was some great Mom and Luke time. The weather was great; we had fun watching the squirrels; and Luke got to run off some energy. I love when spontaneous events happen and it makes your whole day that much brighter.

4. There are only 79 days left until my due date! Um, that's going to go by SO fast. I'm slowing ticking items off my to-do list but I need to get moving. Any volunteers for a swift kick to get me motivated would be appreciated (only figuratively of course).

5. I'm very excited for next weekend. My neighbor and I are going on a scrapbooking/quilting retreat from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. I would really like to finish several projects before the baby arrives and I'm hoping to be in super go mode all weekend. I know this will be my last chance to do this for quite a while so I plan on enjoying it to the fullest.

6. I have a goal to be finished with my Christmas shopping at the beginning of November. That's a tall order because I find it very hard to shop for Christmas when Halloween hasn't even happened yet. I know that I will thank myself later for accomplishing this but if you receive a gift from me this year and it's a tad uninspired please understand.

Okay, that's all for now. Enjoy the weekend :)


Ashley M said...

I would tell his teachers. You're not tattling, you're protecting your child and helping his teachers know what's going on. If there is a "bully" or a rougher child, they need to be aware of it :)

Jordan Sanders said...

We have a tough kid too who is fairly laid back with classmates, so we are trying to teach her to stand up for herself. Chris and I have an understand that Emmy's safety always comes first, even if it means scolding a stranger's child at the park who is putting her safety at risk. Hard situation, but you are still Luke's #1 advocate. Love seeing pregnancy updates, so happy for you!