Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

We have spread out our Halloween activities over the past weekend. Saturday we went to pick out a pumpkin. Sunday Troy and Luke carved the pumpkin. And tonight Luke and I went trick-o-treating with some of our neighbors. Unfortunately Troy is out of town and so was unable to participate in the gathering of candy (we were all bummed about this). Luke had fun with all three activities.
Finding the perfect pumpkin--Luke told us he wanted to find a tall one so we did our best to accommodate that request.
Carving the tall pumpkin--Luke requested here that we have a scary face. I think we were pretty successful with that although Luke wanted no part in helping Troy scrap out the slimy insides to get the scary face.
Request here: to get some candy--Luke and I had a great time walking around. When we got home though he was completely done with his costume because he was hot. You can see how sweaty he is in the bottom picture; however, mission accomplished. We got some candy :)

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