Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So Luke is going through a monster phase. He loves to chase and be chased by them. He yells and screams and growls at them. He talks constantly about them. However, when the lights go out at night he is scared by them. Since Friday night he has called me up to his room about 45 minutes after he goes bed. Every night he has been crying by the time I get up there. He tells me he has had a bad dream about scary monsters. We sit in the rocking chair and I tell him the monsters aren't truly real and all the monsters he knows (from books, tv, and pretending) are good, fun and friendly. That seems to help for that moment. He gets back in bed and I rub his back and sing "Frere Jacques" and then Luke has no more bad dreams for the rest of the night.

I feel so bad for Luke. I can still remember some of the bad dreams I had as a child and I hope that he grows out of this phase quickly. Maybe we need to buy some monster-be-gone spray (aka water in a spray bottle with a bit of creative decorating by mom).

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