Friday, December 2, 2011

December Daily: 12-1

So, I'm going to try and undertake another project from Ali Edwards for the month of December. I tried it last year and wasn't successful. You're thinking, I'm about to have another baby why do I think I could be successful this year? Well, because instead of using real paper and other scrapbooking supplies I'm going to just use my blog and write it out and upload pictures.

So, what's the idea behind this project? It's called December Daily. It's about capturing memories on a daily basis throughout the month of December whether they are holiday related or not. By no means do I think I'll get something recorded every day (another reason I feel I can be somewhat successful). I am going to do my best though to try for hopefully 4 posts a week.

The other factor to this project is not to record your whole day (like I did with A Week in the Life this summer). You pick just one idea, quote, picture, moment to expand on for the day and then you're done. You generally can't choose that until the end of the day so I'm thinking I will do a post either right before I go to bed or sometime the next day. That's what today's post is--a story about yesterday.

December 1
Last year my mom sent Luke an advent calendar that you follow on the computer each day. It was a great source of joy and entertainment for Luke. He would sing the songs and toward the end of the month he would request his favorite days animations. Not only did we have to watch every single day (1 through whatever the current day was) each day but we had to watch several days multiple times throughout the day. Needless to say my mom sent me this year's calendar last week.

I didn't tell Luke that she had sent it because it wasn't December yet and I knew he would want to start it right away. It's set up so that you can't see ahead. Well on Monday he saw the icon on my computer screen. He was SUPER excited about it and couldn't understand why we couldn't do anything with it yet. I tried to explain that it wasn't December yet but that just didn't cut it. He was constantly asking me about it through the week.

Fortunately yesterday morning we had enough time to watch the first day before he went to school. Well, that wasn't satisfying enough because he could see all the other days and wanted them to play too. I told him that we would get to watch a new one every day until Christmas arrived. He wasn't happy about that but eventually accepted it. I think that after we got home yesterday afternoon he watched it repeatedly for at least 10 times (he knows how to move the mouse around and click where he's supposed to).

This is really a fun, interactive calendar. The creator is British and the scene this year is set in London. If you would like to check it out, go here.

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