Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas X 3

We celebrated Christmas a day late for Luke's sake. We pretended that Christmas Day was actually Christmas Eve and so on. We wanted to have the "waking up in the morning and it's Christmas" feel to it which wouldn't have been possible actually on Christmas since we brought Hannah home from the hospital that morning. The morning of the 26th we got up hoping to have Christmas only we were concerned I had a blood clot. So Luke opened his stocking and played with the gifts Santa brought him and a few others and then my mom took Hannah and I back to the hospital to make sure I was okay (I was). We finished celebrating with Grammy, PawPaw, Sarah and Barbara later in the day. I have to say that for me it never really felt much like Christmas which was quite unfortunate. Luke really had a good time opening his presents though and that's what really matters.

We celebrated Christmas with Troy's parents on the morning of the 27th. Hannah and I were present although I don't have any pictures of it (I'm sure Lowell and Sherre have some). Again Luke really enjoyed opening his gifts.

Our final Christmas celebration was with Grandpa and Grandma H., Kristi, Wesley and Sarah on the night of the 27th. This was also the first time Kristi and Wesley got to meet Hannah. Luke had tons of fun playing with Wesley and again opening gifts. He was especially excited about the dinosaur sleeping bag and tent that Kristi and Wesley gave him. Troy and I were there but again not in any of the pictures.

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