Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luke and Hannah Meet

As Hannah was born at 10:22 pm, we didn't see family or friends until the next day. In fact we didn't make it out of the labor and delivery room and into the postpardem room until 3 am so there wasn't much sleep to be had that night--maybe 2 hours. The high of Hannah's arrival hadn't worn off yet for me so it was okay.

Of course, our first visitors were Luke and my mom, Grammy. Troy met Luke out in the hall and he came in first to meet his baby sister. He walked into the room with a huge smile on his face but he wouldn't say a word. I was holding Hannah in bed so he climbed up in my bed and stared at her for a bit before giving her a kiss. He got down off the bed rather quickly after that. I'm pretty sure he was completely overwhelmed; in fact, my mom said Luke had hardly talked all morning long. That's not typical Luke behavior. You can see most of that play out in the video below.

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