Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4 Year Old Questionnaire

I thought it would be interesting to see what Luke had to say about life right now as a 4 year old.

How old are you? 4
How tall are you? really big
How much do you weigh? I don't know.
Can you guess? I don't know.
What is your favorite toy? a car
Favorite book? Dinosaurs
Favorite movie? Barney
 Me: You never watch Barney.  LJ: I watch it all the time at my house. (He has never, ever watched Barney when I have been around.  I would guess his favorite movie would be Cars or Ice Age.)
Favorite TV show? Super Why
Favorite food? McDonald's (big sigh from Mom) (I asked him this one the other day and he answered granola bars and fried okra.)
Favorite fruit? cantaloupe
Favorite snack? fruit snacks
Favorite drink? chocolate milk and kool-aid
Favorite activity? sleep (I can vouch that is probably true.  He is very hard to wake up in the morning.)
Favorite color? green and brown
Favorite sport? basketball
Favorite song? Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Favorite animal? elephants and giraffes and monkeys and zebras and tigers (lots of favorites)
Favorite game? Trouble
Favorite outfit? green shirt
Favorite holiday? Mother's Day (so sweet) and then with more prompting...All of them
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? all my animals
Best Friend? Benjamin (McBride)
When I grow up I want to be? a T-Rex giraffe
Nicknames? Munchkin, Lukester, Dude, Kiddo
Thing I am really good at? practicing (I asked practicing at what and he said as he was swiveling his hips around, skating.  Not sure where that one came from either).

Some other stats:
Clothing size: 3T or 4T
Shoe size: 9 or 10
Height:  39 inches
Weight: 33 lbs

(I know there are a few missing answers here.  Luke got tired of answering questions and I wanted to get this posted on his actual birthday.  I plan to come back and edit where needed.)

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Ashley M said...

This is sweet. And I especially like that our boys know each other as best friends. And I think the Barney answer made me laugh out loud. His "house" his rules, I guess ;)