Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Years Old

I have a 4 year old.  I was talking with some friends the other day who also have sons that recently turned 4 and it sounded so strange to talk about 4 year olds and know that Luke is one now.  For some reason it makes him sound so much older (you are allowed to laugh at me)!

Here is a list of Luke's life right now:

*Luke is able to recognize most letters now and he loves to spell things out but will still ask us to do that occassionally for him.  He is also starting to sight read.  There are a few books that he is very familiar with and he will "read" them to us.  This is really exciting for us.  A favorite activity has become going to the library every two weeks to get new books to read.

*Luke's imagination is still going super strong.  It is sooo fun to listen to him interact with whatever he is playing with and hear the stories he comes up with.  He typically has some plot that involves being nice to each other, sharing and rescuing someone.  

*Luke is still into cars and his trains. The major difference with those is that they are now upstairs in our gameroom and he plays with them more on his own.  Luke has always played well by himself and continues to do so.  I am also able to trust him now being upstairs by himself.

*Other top activities: playing with/interacting with Hannah; reading stories; playing monster or bonk with Dad at night is still probably in his top 3 favorites; riding his new big wheel; collecting/watching bugs; playing outside with or in water.

*Diapers are no longer a part of Luke's life.  He will occassionally have an accident during the night but that is even few and far between.  Hooray!!!

*Luke has adjusted well to having a little sister.  He is a terrific helper and he is the first to comfort her if she is upset.  I do foresee some sibling issues arising involving toys and whose is whose but Hannah isn't mobile enough for it to be a big problem yet.

*Luke's eating habits are in general very good.  I wish he would try/like a few more veggies and some fruits but we're much improved in this area.  He recently just started enjoying strawberries and isn't always reluctant to try new things now.

*A few challenges Luke is currently facing include listening, following directions and whining.  This has improved greatly in the last two months but it can still be a big struggle.

*Luke is a big time home-body.  I could ask him ten times if he wants to go out and about for the day and nine of the responses would be no.  My boy loves to be at home, hang out in his pj's all day and just play.  I can't really blame him; he takes after me greatly in that regard.

*Luke's favorite TV shows include Word World and SuperWhy.  We only watch children's shows on PBS.  PBS shows for the most part are very educational and I attribute some of Luke's new letter and word knowledge to these shows.  Luke also really enjoys watching movies.  We've been watching more movies lately since he has given up his nap and we need some down time in the afternoons.  

*Luke's schedule is as follows: up between 8:00 and 9:00 (or if he's not up by 9 I wake him up); no more nap (he gave it up with no warning about 2 months ago much to my dismay); and bedtime is between 8:30 and 9.  I tried having quiet time in his room when he gave up the nap but he would end up falling asleep and then staying up at night until 10 or later.  

*Luke is a kind, determined, tender-hearted, easy-going 4 year old who is a joy to have as a son!  I love my munchkin to pieces!

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