Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LJ's Birthday

Luke's actual birthday was another day of celebration.  Grammy was here with us and we had another fun-filled day.  It started out with a trip to the Lego store so Luke could fill a container with Legos he choose--that was Hannah's birthday gift to him.  He had a lot of fun picking out all kinds of different Lego pieces.  He also made 3 Lego men or rather two Lego men and one Lego woman--it was me Luke said.  After the Lego store, Troy met us at the mall so we could all have lunch together.  We then came home for a little down time before we headed to the pool.  Ashley, Benjamin and Andrew met us at the pool as well.  Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate and after only an hour it started to rain which wasn't a big deal but the lightning and thunder was.  Luke was more than a little disappointed that we had to head home so early.  His day was brightened though when he saw the pirate cookie Benjamin had got him for his birthday.  We ordered Pei Wei for dinner because we all know how much Luke likes rice food.  After dinner we opened presents and then had some ice cream cake.  Luke had fun playing with his new castle and Legos the rest of the night.  

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