Friday, January 18, 2013

My Questionnaire

I thought as I was asking Luke all of his questions that it would be fun for me to answer them for myself as well.

How old are you? 34
How tall are you? around 5'9"
How much do you weigh? all I'll say is I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight
What is your favorite toy? all my scrapbooking stuff
Favorite book? This is a hard one for me.  I got a Kindle for Christmas and since then have read 4 books.  Reading is one of my favorite hobbies but it's hard to have time for it.  As reading is such a favorite thing of mine, I have several favorites.  To give the short, easy answer--The Laura Ingalls/Little House books have always been at the top of my list.
Favorite movie?  The Thomas Crowne Affair
Favorite TV show? NCIS
Favorite food? Mexican
Favorite fruit? strawberries
Favorite snack? popcorn
Favorite drink? kool-aid
Favorite activity? playing with my kiddos, hanging out with Troy and scrapbooking
Favorite color? green 
Favorite sport? football
Favorite song? don't really have a favorite
Favorite animal? dolphin
Favorite game? Settlers of Catan
Favorite outfit? Jeans, long-sleeved white shirt with black polka dots and black/white vest.  Oh and of course black boots to go with it all. 
Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? Troy and MY pillow
Best Friend? My sister
When I grow up I want to be? I'm lucky--I am a mother which is what I always wanted to be.
Nicknames?  Babe, Dear, Mom, Famous, Amers
Thing I am really good at? being a mom (I'm allowed to brag a bit, right?) and listening

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