Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Tidbits

*Hannah had her last bottle of formula last night.  I haven't yet decided if that means she's done with all bottles or if she'll have a bottle of milk before going to bed tonight.  Either way, it was sort of bittersweet for me last night.  (I typed that earlier today.  Hannah went to bed without a bottle of any kind tonight and so far, so good.)

*We had lunch with Troy at CHK today.  They were playing 90's music in the restaurant (and yes that makes me feel old to say it like that).  Both Luke and Hannah pretty much danced all through our meal.  It was quite entertaining.  They got more than a few smiles as people walked by.

*Luke had pj day at school yesterday.  He was so excited to wear pj's to school which is no surprise considering if he had a choice he'd wear pj's everyday.  He choose his "I MOOSE have a hug" pj's that amazingly enough have a giant moose on the front.  He insisted that he have his matching green striped socks on the outside of his pj pants and pulled up almost to his knees.  I so wish I would've taken a picture--I, at least, can still picture it in my head.  Pure awesomeness!!!

*On Monday, I randomly asked Luke if he would prefer a turkey sandwich or turkey and crackers.  He has never liked sandwiches before so I'm not sure why I even asked.  Luke surprised me when he answered that he wanted a sandwich.  I proceeded to fix one fully anticipating that he would take it apart and only eat the turkey and cheese.  Another surprise--he ate the entire thing!  And at least ten times while eating it he told me how good it was and that we had to call Dad and let him know how amazing his sandwich was.  Luke asked me to fix a sandwich for his lunch for school every day this week; he also wanted one when we went to lunch today.  He has finished the entire sandwich every time I've fixed it for him--glad I decided to randomly ask.

*Hannah babbles constantly.  Seriously, it's almost non-stop.  She knows EXACTLY what she is saying although to the rest of us it sounds like a foreign language.  She has inflection, pauses at the right times and even looks at you as if waiting for an answer.  We are in serious trouble when she starts speaking true English.

*Speaking of talking, Hannah has some new words.  They include: di-per (diaper), bebe (baby), my, puppers (a nickname for Maggie) and occassionally she will repeat random words that we say.  She also will talk on the phone now (a pretend one or a real one).

*Luke and Hannah both currently have colds.  Hannah and I didn't do much this week because she felt so yucky.  I discovered today that Hannah also has another molar coming in (the top, left) which explains her temperature earlier this week too.

*Luke is super into his trains again.  Since Christmas, he has started building his own tracks.  I would guess that he makes a new track at least daily.  Troy and I are super impressed with his abilities.  It's so fun to see what he comes up with--several ideas Troy and I have never thought of before.

Okay, I think that's it for now.

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