Monday, September 15, 2008

A Bunch of Firsts

As with any newborn, there have been many firsts in Luke's life.  I have enjoyed them all although some were definitely more fun than others.  

  1st Bath: July 22
He really did not mind taking a bath at all.  He only cried a little bit.  He now loves getting clean.  I'm hoping that means he is going to love the water and become a swimmer like me.

   1st Time in the Swing: July 29
Luke seemed to like the swing; however, after about 15 minutes he was done.  He has spent some more time swinging lately but still seems to get tired of it rather quickly.  I was hoping that he would really enjoy the motion because he loves any type of movement.

1st Trip Out: July 30
Our first big trip out was on a Wednesday night after Troy got home from work.  I needed to go to Target but could not go by myself because the temperature was so hot.  So, we went to Target and then had dinner at Panera and then made a quick stop at Barnes and Noble.  Luke did great although he was pretty hungry when we got home.

1st Professional Pictures: August 8
This happened to be on a Friday.  All three of us went and we got some amazing pictures.  I would post a few but we have not gotten them back yet although I am very anxious to.  

1st Walk in the Stroller: August 8
It was a beautiful day and since it had been so hot Troy and I decided it was a great opportunity to see how the stroller worked out.  We took about a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood.  Maggie went with us and wasn't too sure about the stroller at first but now it doesn't bother her at all.

1st Trip to the Park: August 9
It was a rainy day but the Boetcher's were here and the girls needed to run off some energy.  So, between the clouds we went to LaFortune Park for a while.  Luke slept most of the time but the rest of us enjoyed the time outside.

     1st Time in Bouncer: August 13
I hesitated for a while in putting Luke in the bouncer because he was so small.  You can tell in the picture how little he is and how super skinny his legs were.  The bouncer has since become a place were he spends much of his time.  He sleeps in his bouncer at night, hangs out in it when I'm in the kitchen and also sometimes while I'm at the computer (it's where he is right now actually).  He really enjoys it because he's not being held and he is upright.

Found his Hands and Real Tears: week of August 18
I noticed during this week that Luke was starting to figure out the he could put his hands in his mouth.  He didn't do it very frequently and still doesn't but when he is hungry but not crying he usually tries to get his hand to his mouth.  It's great because you can see this look in his eyes that he is really trying to succeed.  The other thing I noticed this week was real tears while he was crying.  It had to be the all out really upset cry to produce the tears but noticing them made my heart melt.  Now if there are tears, I know that he is definitely one unhappy little guy.

Started Smiling: week of August 25
This has been by far the most fun milestone for Troy and I to this point.  It was completely amazing!  Luke was now responding to us.  Our favorite new past time became trying to get a smile out of Luke and more often than not he was accommodating us.  SO COOL!!!

1st Babysitter: August 28
This happened to be a Thursday afternoon.  I had an appointment to get my hair done and knew that Luke would not make it through the whole thing without being hungry.  So, I dropped him off with our neighbor and Troy picked him up after work.  Luke was there for about an hour and apparently he slept the entire time.

1st Road Trip: August 29 - September 1
Labor Day weekend we all went to KC for the first time.  Luke did such an awesome job in the car; we only stopped once to change him and feed him.  Fortunately for us he slept the rest of the way.  We had a great weekend with family and friends and the trip home was just as easy as the trip there.

1st Football Weekend with Dad: September 7
Troy has been very excited about football season this year.  In fact, Luke has a KC Chiefs t-shirt because of it.  Troy has planned that every Sunday he and Luke would hang out on the couch and watch football together (also catch a few z's).  So far they are two for two.

Started Laughing: September 13
This is also another definite favorite!  Just last Saturday when I got Luke up in the morning he was smiling and then he scrunched his nose up and giggled.  I think I had the biggest smile on my face and just wanted him to go on forever.  It happened to be a rainy day and Troy and I spent much of it on the couch with Luke trying to make him laugh more.  Every morning since then Luke has woken up all smiley and giggly- the absolute best start to my day.

Slept through the Night: September 13
Another major milestone and a favorite of mine was Luke sleeping from 10:30 pm until 6 am.  I was so pleasantly surprised with this one.  So far the trend has continued and he is sleeping for 7 hours straight at night.  Let's just hope that Luke doesn't decide to change his schedule (although I'm sure my bubble will burst at some point in the near future).

1st Time at Church: September 14
To me this is a big milestone as well.  I have been trying for the past month to get Troy and Luke to church.  Troy was concerned that Luke was too small and would be too disruptive.  Well, after speaking with our pastor Troy decided that we could try it out this Sunday.  All went fine until Luke had some projectile spit up and Troy rushed him out of the Sanctuary to clean him up.  Fortunately this was toward the end of service.  I am looking forward to going again this weekend and hoping for no major happenings.

So, that brings us to current time.  I know there will be many more firsts and I can not wait to see what happens next.  What a joy to see Luke develop and learn!  He is such a blessing!!!

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