Tuesday, September 9, 2008

July 19- Luke Comes Home!!!

What an amazing day!!  It started out a little crazy as we (Troy, my sister and I) were trying to finish getting everything ready for Luke to come home.  Troy was running errands and Sarah and I were doing laundry and cleaning a bit.  I also wanted to make it to the hospital for the 11 am feeding which we did- barely.  It took me about 5 minutes but I eventually noticed that Luke no longer had the IV in his head.  I absolutely hated seeing that in his head everyday; it made me cringe every time.  When we arrived, the nurse went over everything with us but at that point we did not know whether Luke had passed the sleep study test or not.  Everything else was a go save for Luke's circumcision- poor guy.  

Troy signing the paperwork for Luke's circumcision.  

One adventure of the day was Troy and Sarah getting the car seat base secure in the car.  It took several attempts but they were finally successful with Sarah pushing with her feet on the base from the front seat of the car and Troy tightening it in the back.  I wish I would have seen that :)  

After the 11 am feeding the doctor was going to come in for the circumcision and we took that opportunity to go have lunch.  When we got back, Luke was fine and we learned that he had passed his sleep study and so would be able to come home.  I was beyond ecstatic!!  We had to wait a while before we left; one because we had pictures taken (not worth the time) and two because the doctor had to discharge him and we had to go over tons of paperwork and instructions with the nurse.  
About 3 we loaded Luke into the car seat for his ride home.  All three of us were so excited to be taking Luke home.  Troy drove while Sarah and I sat in the backseat with the car seat in between us.

The drive home took only about 15 minutes and was uneventful.  When we got home, Sarah took the animals (dog and cat) outside so we could bring Luke in without them going crazy.  We brought Luke inside and walked him through the house telling him what each room was even though he was sound asleep.  After that we put him in the pack n play and let the animals back inside.  Daisy (cat) didn't do anything and has pretty much ignored him since then.  Maggie was very curious and was sniffing him and looking at us like what's going on here.  For the rest of the afternoon we took turns holding him and taking naps.  We also talked with all of our family members to share the excitement of Luke's homecoming.  

After dinner, Sarah and Troy went to rent some movies since we knew we wouldn't be going anywhere for a while.  That night we watched "The Bucket List".  I held Luke through the whole movie; I couldn't put him down.  I was so happy to have him in my arms and be at home.  At some point during the movie, I looked down and was in awe.  Our son was finally home with us- well worth the wait!!

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Hey, this is like rewatching a movie, you know, one you really like. It is enjoyable and exciting to read about the events as seen through your eyes. I knew how what happened, but it was exciting anyway and all over again. If you are going to cover all the days since LJ's arrival, you'll need to cover some days chunked together. Otherwise, you'll never catch up while living the life of a still pretty new mom. I really like the smiley picture.