Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Catch Up

In an effort to reach current time, I am going to quickly (maybe, somewhat) summarize what life has been for us the past 2 months or so.  

  July 21 - 25: My Mom was here to help us get used to having a baby in the house.  She made us some awesome meals as well.  This is the first time she was able to hold Luke.

July 24:  I went for my 2 week check-up with the doctor.  I was having a really rough time with adjusting to this new lifestyle - in other words I had post pardem depression.  I am currently still on some medication and it makes life so much better!!

July 28 - August 5:  The temperature outside was over 100 degrees.  Luke and I did not go anywhere unless we had to- basically just to the doctor.

  July 31 - August 3: Troy's parents came to help us and spend time with Luke.  This picture is the first time Lowell got to hold Luke.

August 3: We starting adding formula to Luke's night bottles in an effort to get more sleep.  It definitely helped; he started sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches.  I began bottle feeding Luke at night because I require a bunch of sleep to function and breastfeeding every 2-3 hours was not allowing me to get enough sleep- just ask Troy! :)

  August 9 - 10:  The Boetcher family came to visit.  Katy is my cousin and these are her two girls.  Mary is holding Luke and Emma is looking on.  Mary could not get enough of Luke; she loved holding him.

  August 15 - 17:  My Mom and Stepdad came to visit.  My Stepdad had not seen Luke yet and was very excited to do so.  This is him holding Luke for the first time.  My Mom and I were able to enjoy a baby free shopping trip and the guys played a round of golf.

August 16:  Luke's umbilical cord finally fell off.  It took forever to get that nasty thing off!

August 18:  My actual due date.  Crazy!!

  August 20 - 21:  Aunt Sarah was here for a quick visit.  We just hung out and went shopping for Sarah's multiple trip adventures.

August 22:  Luke started sleeping in his bouncer at night because of his acid reflux.  We noticed an immediate change.  First off I did not have to sleep with him on my chest for the beginning part of the night (the only way I had figured out how to get him to sleep).  He also slept longer and was able to put himself to sleep as well.  Everyone was much happier with this revelation!!

  August 24:  We drove to Ponca City to meet Nicholas Biery.  The new dads went to high school together.  Just after we shared the news that we were pregnant we found out the Biery's were also expecting just 11 days after us.  Both boys decided to arrive early.

 August 29 - September 1:  We went to KC for the Labor Day weekend- our first road trip.  Friday night we hung out at my Mom's house.  On Saturday we also stayed around so people could stop by to visit.  Sunday we spent the day with my Dad and Stepmom.  This is my Dad holding Luke.  We had a nice relaxing day with them.  Monday morning we left somewhat early to get back home.

  August 30:  The other big event of the Labor Day weekend was meeting Becca Long.  Jen (her mom) and I have been friends since grade school.  We also found out that she was pregnant after we learned that I was.  Her due date was 5 days before mine but Becca arrived on August 1.  It was so fun to catch up with Jen and her mom.  As Troy said, Luke had his "first date" with Becca.

So, now we are into September.  Life has not been nearly as busy.  The weekend of the 5th - 7th was spent entirely at home and pretty much on the couch.  We needed some down time as a family.  It was great to relax and hang out.

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