Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love It!!!

I am simply going to say that this is my favorite picture right now.  I absolutely love it!!!


Retired to the Garden said...

Loved your blog today. Every minute does fly by--that's why I plan to visit very regularly.

Love and hugs,


Yo Amos,

That's right. Pull our heart strings. Make us feel those tears. It is great for us that we get to share the feelings you feel. It is also great that you are getting this captured. One day LJ, you know, the little executive dude who runs your house, will get to read what you thought during his first months on the planet.

One hint, though. Technology will change, so you'll need to store your posts somewhere with forever qualities.

How about that. I had to get Grammy set up with her own blog page so she could comment.

Love you,
Paw Paw