Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Enjoy every moment!

Last Tuesday as I was dressing Luke for the day I was hit hard with how fast he is growing.  I was trying to dress him in a 0-3 month outfit that no longer fit.  It made me so incredibly sad and I got tears in my eyes.  It is completely amazing to me that he is already 10+ weeks old and weighing over 11 pounds.  The first few weeks were definitely tough and we've just recently really settled in to a routine but I want him to stop growing so much.  He's no longer my tiny little guy that came home from the hospital and I miss it.  Don't get me wrong of course I want him to grow and be healthy but I now understand why people tell you to enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast.  

     September 13th - Just over 2 months old

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