Tuesday, September 2, 2008

July 15-18, 2008- The Routine

After I came home, my routine was established quickly.  I obviously wanted to spend as much time as possible at the hospital with Luke.  Because I was getting up to pump during the night, getting to the hospital before 10:30 was tough so that became my goal.  Luke had a feeding everyday at 11 am so I was always there for that.  Depending on what I/we wanted to accomplish for the day, I would stay for the 2 pm feeding and then go home for a while missing the 5 pm feeding and returning to the hospital for the 8 pm feeding.  Troy's parents stayed with us until Wednesday and then my Dad and Frankie were here Wednesday through Friday.  This was invaluable because Troy was back at work and I was not able to drive because of my c-section.  During this week, the nurses cautioned us that Luke may not be able to come home for a while yet because he was having a hard time with his feedings.  To our surprise, Friday afternoon they said if the doctor would order the sleep study (to make sure Luke didn't have apnea) for that night and Luke passed, he would be able to go home on Saturday, July 19th.  We were thrilled and slightly unprepared.  We accomplished several errands that afternoon including a very expensive trip to Babies R Us to finish getting what we thought we would need.  That night my sister Sarah also came into town.  We spent much of the evening putting the finishing touches on Luke's room- it was great for me because I had not been able to participate in preparing his room because I was in the hospital.  We went to bed with very high hopes that our son would be coming home with us the following day.

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