Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heat Wave

If you have paid any attention to the weather at all lately or even if you've just stepped outside you know it's ridiculously hot. I have said this numerous times lately but I'm so ready for some fall weather!!!

Not only do I not like these temperatures because it makes it miserable to just step outside but it is also hard on Luke. We should be going to the swimming pool (to use the season passes I got), playing outside on the new swing set and with all the other fun outside toys he got for his birthday, exploring the backyard for mysterious creatures (Luke has recently been really interested in bugs--joy), playing frisbee with Maggie and just generally letting Luke be a kid. Luke gets so hot so fast that it is not worth the tantrum about going inside he has after being outside for only 15 minutes because he needs to cool off.

Luke knows it is hot--he tells me all the time, "Momma it hot outside." He tells me when we get in the car after it's been sitting in the sun while we run our errands or even just when I open the door to let Maggie in or out. I feel bad for him because we could go out in the early morning when it hasn't heated up too much yet or later in the evening but those don't work because Luke is asleep in the early morning and in the evening he gets attacked by mosquitos (so do Troy and I for that matter). Maybe I'm being an overly cautious mom but I just don't think it's smart to go outside when we're under a heat advisory. So for now we have to be content with inside activities. I just wish we could get some rain and a break in these temperatures!

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