Thursday, August 26, 2010

Randomness Again

Okay so it's been a good while since I've posted. I couldn't tell you why other than I just haven't really felt like it. I'm not sure I really do today either but I'm going to try and get some sort of update on here.

My last two posts were on August 10 about my mom and the heat. I can most gladly say that the heat wave has passed for now at least--thank goodness! My mom had her 8th chemo treatment on Monday and I was with her as I had traveled to KC on Sunday to spend the first part of the week with her. She drove back to OKC with me this morning to spend some time with Luke. We are both anxiously waiting for him to wake up from his nap.

My time in KC consisted of time with my mom (obviously) and other family members. I enjoyed 4 new restaurants while I was there--quite a bit of eating out but it's always fun to try new places. The weather was also awesome while I was there; the highest temperature was about 82. I also had to say good-bye to my sister which was really tough. I'm going to do another post on that though so I won't say much now.

As for Luke, he has been a busy guy lately too. Last week Aunt Sarah was here and this week while I was gone Troy's parents were here. And now my mom is here so next week when it's just Luke and I during the day he might wonder what happened to all of his entertainment. Hopefully the cooler weather will hold so we can be outside!

Also another big thing for Luke right now is his vocabulary. It's beyond amazing. We can now have full conversations with questions and answers from Luke. He is not shy about sharing (more like demanding) want he wants and also what he wants you to do. I still hear at least one new word a day and I'm anxious to see what he's learned while I was gone.

Troy is still really loving his new job but currently he's been looking forward to FF (fantasy football in case you didn't know). He is in two leagues this year and his first draft is tonight. Since I've been gone I haven't totally felt the loss to the computer yet but I'm sure it's not too far off. :) Troy would tell you that I also like to keep up on the scores of his players which is true but only to see how it's going so I can share the winnings if he does well.

So, that's what's up for now. Hopefully I'll get a bite from the blogging bug again soon.

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