Monday, August 2, 2010

Slow Down!

Over the weekend Troy and I bought a new king size bed (Troy has been wanting one forever so he finally got his wish). That means that we are rearranging our beds. Our queen will be moved to our guest room--more room for them :) The double bed that was in the guest room is going in the currently unused bedroom and the 2 twin beds that were in that room will be moved to Luke's room. Did you follow that?

What's my point? Well, after Luke woke up from his nap yesterday we moved one of the twin beds into his room. Troy told Luke it was his big boy bed and he would be sleeping there from now on (oops!). Luke really liked the sound of that and immediately wanted to lay on it and pretended to go back to sleep. Our thought was that we would put the bed in there so Luke would get used to seeing it and maybe he would pretend sleep on it for a while before we let him actually sleep in it. After pretend sleep was over Troy commented that Luke was going to want to sleep in the big boy bed last night. I agreed but said that it wouldn't be that big of a deal to just put him in his crib for a few more nights because one I'm not ready to have Luke out of a crib yet (that makes him way too old) and two more importantly we didn't have a guard rail for the bed which is necessary because the mattress is pretty high.

Okay so fast-forward to after bath time. The moment we walk into Luke's room he points to the bed and says go night night. Uh-oh! I calmly told Luke that he would be sleeping in his crib for a few more nights. Well let's just say that didn't go over very well. Luke all out screamed and sobbed for 15 minutes that he wanted to sleep in the bed. Troy was definitely right! Finally Troy said he would take the mattress off the bed so it wouldn't look like a bed anymore. Thankfully that stopped the tantrum and Luke went to sleep in his crib. However, the first thing he said to me this morning when I got him up was go night night with his finger pointing at the bed.

So this morning Luke and I went to Babies R Us and bought a bed rail so that we can get the bed ready for him to sleep in. Troy and I decided that we'll probably wait until Friday night to try letting Luke sleep in bed just in case we're all awake more than we want to be but that's still so fast for me. We've been talking about moving Luke to a bed for a while now but yesterday afternoon when I saw him laying there it totally brought tears to my eyes. It is definitely hard for me when Luke reaches one of these big milestones like this. I want him to grow and be healthy but man oh man does it pull hard on the heartstrings. It definitely makes me appreciate all the little milestones more too!

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