Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Are You?

I'm referring to Luke. He didn't act like his normal, happy, easy-going self all weekend. That's obviously slightly exaggerated but seriously it was a rough weekend. Changing diapers, getting dressed, brushing his teeth, following directions and even just playing nicely were cause for total meltdowns. I don't get it but Luke is 2 so maybe that's all I need to understand. I planned to wake up this morning with a better positive attitude but when I went upstairs to get Luke he had another meltdown about changing his diaper. Not the greatest way to start the day. I'm trying to hang on to my positive attitude but it definitely took a hit already. I guess this is all part of the terrible twos. This new attitude of Luke's just came out of nowhere so I'm assuming that's part of why it is causing me so much grief. I'm praying for another unexplained shift back to my happy-go-lucky little boy :)

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