Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Ramblings

Of Luke that is :) He has been coming up with some pretty funny/quirky stuff lately.

*The other night Troy went upstairs to tell Luke to be quiet and go to sleep and as Troy was leaving the room Luke muttered something. Troy went closer so he could hear him--Luke said, "See you later alligator." So naturally Troy said, "After while crocodile."

*Another night after the above it was my turn to go up and tell Luke to go to sleep. He asked me to rub his back for a minute which I did and as I was rubbing he muttered something I couldn't hear. He was requesting that I sing Frere Jacques. This was my favorite as a child and I like that it is Luke's as well.

*Luke has been talking a bunch about friends over the last few months. I believe it comes from MDO but also friends are mentioned frequently on "Dinosaur Train" and "Thomas." The last week or so Luke has told me several times in a whisper, "Mom, you're my friend," or "Mom, I'm your best friend." Could he be any sweeter?!?!?!

*Any time we're out driving and we go under a bridge and more specifically when we go through the shadow of the bridge, Luke says, "Who turned out the lights?" It always makes me laugh. We ask Luke who did and most often he says, "I did!"

*Another conversation that took place in the car today (Troy was driving).
Luke: "Dad you're driving crazy."
Dad: "Does Mom drive crazy?"
Luke: "No, you drive crazy!"
I love this one!

I absolutely love all the random funny things Luke says. I wish I could remember more of them to write out here. I'm sure I'd have more to add to the list by the end of the day tomorrow though :)

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