Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim Lessons

Last week and this week Luke has been taking swim lessons. I am in the water with him which depending on the temperature outside and the water temp can be good or bad. Overall, we are having a great time together.

It didn't start out so great though. Last Monday, our first lesson, Luke cried and screamed the entire 40 minutes because all he wanted to do was go down the slide and play. By Wednesday he had it figured out that we weren't there to play and he was enjoying the entire lesson. We have even made a new friend and they have fun splashing each other too.

Yesterday by far was our best day yet. Luke went under water several times and either held his breath or blew bubbles. It didn't bother him in the slightest and I was so proud of him! He did a great job kicking and using his arms too. Now we just need to work on combining everything.

These pictures are from Monday. Grandma and Grandpa were still here and came with us so they could watch Luke and as a bonus I got pictures.
Favorite part of lessons: jumping in the water
Working on blowing bubbles
Attempting to float on his back and kick
Getting used to having his face in the water while blowing bubbles
Ending the lesson with a few rounds of Ring around the Rosie

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