Monday, February 13, 2012


Anyone who is around children knows they say the sweetest things sometimes. It's unpredictable and always heartwarming. Today Luke completely melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. We went to MDO this afternoon because they were having their Valentine's Day party. I did not want Luke to miss handing out Valentines to his friends and there wasn't a party on Wednesday. I knew this would mean a day without a nap because the party started at 2. Anyway as we were getting Luke into his carseat to come home our conversation went like this:

Me: Did you have a good time at your party?
Luke: I did. Mom, you're a really sweet mom.

Oh man! Could it get any better?!?

Me: Thank you Luke. I love you!
Luke: Love you too Mom! Are we going home now?
Me: We are going home.
Luke: Thanks for bringing me to my party.

I'm so glad I opted for no nap and taking Luke to the party rather than staying home and having (maybe) a quiet afternoon while Luke was napping. I have the sweetest little boy a mom could ask for!!!

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