Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 5--January 19-25

I have way more pictures of this week. I was probably more aware of the camera this week because Hannah started sleeping so much better because her acid reflux medicine started working. On Friday the kids and I met Troy for lunch at Chesapeake--Troy's coworkers had been anxious to meet Hannah. On Saturday we had our first outing as a family of 4. We ran some errands and had lunch at the Elephant Bar. Sunday we picked up my mom at the airport; she stayed until Friday. Troy and I were able to enjoy a date on Monday night!!! And on Wednesday Hannah, Mom and I enjoyed our first girl's shopping trip.

I know I will look back years from now and know that this is the week that things started to go back to "normal" since Hannah's arrival. I was sleeping better because Hannah was sleeping better and that allowed me to function better--obviously. I require a lot of sleep (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before) and I knew the first few weeks while I got adjusted would be tough.

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