Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 6--Jan 26-Feb 1

We enjoyed the rest of Mom's visit this week; she went home Friday afternoon. Our weekend was relaxing. We did get to see Todd and Georgia for a bit as they stopped in on their way home to Dallas from Topeka on Sunday. This was the first work week I was on my own--I'm not counting the first week Troy was back at work because he was with me pretty much all day on Wednesday of that week. This was a good week. I went out to lunch with my dad and step-mom one day while Luke was at MDO and I was able to enjoy being home with just Hannah. The best part about the week for me though was the fact that none of us was sick! One milestone for Hannah this week: she started developing real tears. I remember this clearly with Luke as well and it broke my heart then just as it did with Hannah this week.
I couldn't decide which of these 3 I liked the best so you get all 3!
Luke was very excited about his potato penguin he made at MDO this week. Troy took it to his office for display.
Hannah's typical spot while we all eat dinner.

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