Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of School

Today was Luke's first day of preschool/pre-k for this year.  We went to meet his teachers, Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Cromer, last week and see his classroom--it had a Lego table, the best part.  He's been excited about today ever since and he kept asking me if the day was a school day.  All day yesterday we talked about today being a school day and that we would have to get up and get ready quickly so we would be on time for school.  Luke assured me that he would get up and ready with no problems.

Well, if you notice Luke's favorite activity below, I should have realized that maybe getting up and ready might be a bit difficult.  I woke Luke up at 7:50 and he wanted no part of getting up even after I mentioned that he got to go to school today.  I finally managed to convince him to eat breakfast about 8:15 and after that things went along just fine.  He was a bit reluctant to take pictures before we left because he thought we were going to be late but I did manage to get some good shots.
 Love, love, love those smiles!!!

On the way to school Luke told me that he could walk in all by himself because he knew how to get to his classroom because he was such a big kid.  That pulled a bit on my heartstrings and I told him that I knew he could do it alone but I had to go with him to sign him in.  He agreed.  When we got to the door of the building Luke was very kind to hold the door open for another mom and her two kids before we went in.  And then without even looking back at me once, he walked down the hall, up the stairs and right to his classroom door.  We waited a few minutes before it was time to go in and then Luke walked in, found his cubby for his backpack and got his name out of the basket to put on the wall and he was set.  He did pause to give me a hug and a kiss (thank goodness; I had another moment at that point).  The first activity for his day is actually playing on the play ground.  As today was the first day, one of his teachers walked the kids and parents back downstairs to the playground; normally, we will drop off his stuff and then head back down on our own.  I managed to get in one more wish for a good day and a quick hug before he was off having a blast on the playground.
This year Luke will be going to school two full days, Tuesday and Thursday, from 9-2:45 and one half day, Wednesday, from 9-11:30.  So today was a half day.  I picked him up, along with Grandma and Aunt Kristi, and he was his happy, cheery self.  He didn't want to tell me much about his day.  I managed to get that after the playground they came inside and used the bathroom and washed their hands before having snack.  Snack today was animal crackers and Luke said, "I wasn't sure they would taste good but they were awesome!"  After that I'm not too sure what they did other than play around.  I did learn though that the Legos were not out today much to his disappointment.

I am so happy that Luke loves going to school and interacting with his friends.  I am also happy that we are back into the rountine of school and scheduled days again.

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