Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vacation--Pictures Days 5-7

Not quite as many pictures from our last three days but let's be honest it's because Troy and I couldn't have a camera with us in the waterpark :)

Grammy and PawPaw's House
 Celebrating my birthday early
 Playing with Aunt Sarah

Great Wolf Lodge
So excited to get to the water park
 The "avalanche" from the bucket
 Luke really enjoyed these two small slides.  Troy and I each took him on one of the big slides which he didn't like because they were dark in parts and much too scary.
 Troy enjoyed all the slides.
 Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa J at T-Rex.
 Luke stuffed a brachiosaurus at the build-a-saurus.  "Kid" has not left Luke's side since he was made.
PJ story time
 Hanging out with the Wolf
 Hannah had so much fun splashing in the water.
 Luke didn't want to participate.
 Luke's first experience with an arcade--big hit!  Almost the best $5 we spent all vacation.
More story time

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