Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vacation--Pictures Day 4

Day 4 was the crazy, busy day.  Again lots of pictures because we had so many different stops.

Really big horses 
 A free sample

Botanical Gardens
 I LOVED seeing all the beautiful flowers and plants.
 There was a children's "garden" that Luke had fun playing at.

The Magic House
 No matter where we go Luke will watch these ball tracks for as long as we'll let him.
 Checking out
 Luke and Hannah impressions
 All of our hands
 Luke wasn't too sure about the static electricity ball but once he figured out it was cool he liked it.  Hannah had just enough hair to make it stand up :)
 This was one of our favorites--we probably spent 15 minutes playing with these high-velocity air tubes.
The bridge over the Mississippi to Alton.
Hannah surprised us with how well she handled being in a small space in the evenings

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