Thursday, September 20, 2012

This Week...

This week...

...Troy has been out of town for a training course in Houston.
...Hannah has two new teeth and I believe more to come.
...Hannah and I have not been sleeping well because she is so congested from teething.
...Sarah drove home with us from KC on Sunday and stayed until Tuesday morning.
...I have not accomplished much of anything except grocery shopping, laundry and unpacking from our vacation.
...was Luke's first full week at school.
...the letter of the week at school is "N" and Luke took a picture of nuts and a necklace for letter show and share on Wednesday.
...we had a nice salmon dinner with Sarah, Grandma and Grandpa H, Kristi and Wesley on Monday.
...we had dinner with the McBride family on Wednesday night.
...I am grateful to have family and friends supporting me during this long week.
...Luke and I went to the eye doctor together.
...we are looking forward to going to the KSU/OU game in Norman on Saturday with Todd and Georgia.

And right now I am looking forward to leaving for the airport in an hour to pick up Troy!

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