Monday, November 3, 2014

Final Thoughts...

There are always a few things I like to add at the end of WITL--those that just don't fit in my daily posts, overall observations, and just some random thoughts on the project.  In no particular order…

* This year's WITL project was by far the hardest for me to keep up with.  I've tried to come up with a reason for that and I haven't found one.

* I have thought several times about doing this project more than once a year.  Maybe bi-annually with one time during the school year and once during the summer.

* Not once did I get a post done on the actual day it belonged to.  I know I've done that in the past.

* Computer and internet problems this week made this much harder and more frustrating than it needed to be.

* As a result of the two above statements I wasn't able to post my link on Ali's website early in the day and in turn didn't get as many visitors to read my posts.  This really bums me out because that's one of my favorite parts of this project--connecting with people from all over the world.

* I didn't document in my blog things that I overheard.  I did write down said things on my daily sheets.

* I wanted to incorporate videos for each day but with the computer problems I decided not to stress about adding that in.  I do want to remember that idea though.

* I'm glad that I'm totally done and not making a tangible album--I don't think it would ever be done.

* Ali stressed two points throughout the week (more really but two I really picked up on).
     * The words that go with a picture are important.  They help tell the story and make the picture more meaningful.
     * It's about remembering and documenting this time in your life and what that means.  Years from now any details will be interesting not just the big stories/events.

Good-bye 2014 WITL!  I know I'll look back on you fondly.

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