Sunday, November 2, 2014


It was a pretty normal Saturday around here.  Since H had slept with us, as soon as she woke up Troy and I were awake.  Troy was quite generous and took her to watch a show and I slept in.  Once everyone else was awake Troy came back and told me to get up.  We all hung out for a bit before we all had breakfast.  It was pretty obvious that H wasn't feeling well--so whiny and constantly asking for me.  After breakfast we all kind of did our own thing for a bit: Troy took a shower and went to pick up the lawnmower from getting serviced, LJ was playing Legos (he definitely needs his alone, down time on the weekend, H was watching a show, I was attempting to finally finish my Thursday blog, PawPaw was messing around on his computer and Grammy was very kindly cleaning up the kitchen and vacuuming glitter.  I took Hannah up to her room about 10:15 because she was so whiny and tired and put her in her crib (I needed a break from the whining and I was hoping she'd fall asleep).  I was finally able to finish my blog while listening to H singing at the top of her lungs.  I went to take a shower just as H finally fell asleep.  We all hung out some more before having lunch.  It was the perfect fall day for grilled cheese and soup.  Luke got ready for his soccer game and Grammy, PawPaw and I took him.  As we were leaving H was waking up (it was a good, long nap for her).  Troy and Hannah just hung out on the couch while we were at the game.  The boys played a great game (probably one of the best of the season) and ended up tied 1-1.  We got home about 3:45 and oddly enough we all ended up upstairs watching the kids play for a bit.  I was still exhausted so I went to take a small nap.  Grammy and PawPaw took the kids outside to ride bikes on the driveway which I was told was a lot of fun.  We all got ready to go to an early dinner at Pop's.  Thankfully the wait was short and everyone enjoyed picking out a special drink.  Once we got home the kids did bath and shower time.  H insisted that I put her to bed (she really didn't feel good).  Once she was down, we all watched the KState v. Oklahoma State football game.  Luke even stayed up late to see the entire first half (we were trying to adjust a bit for the time change).  He went to bed about 9 after PawPaw read him stories.  The adults were watching the game, blogging (me), messing around on computers and talking.  The Cats won the game--hooray!  We all went to bed late because of the time change too.  Troy and I both read for a while and turned the lights out around midnight.

*Everyone seems to be a bit on edge today for some reason including me.
*The pool is finally looking normal again after getting the pump replaced yesterday.  The lovely pea green soup is now looking more normal as it is back to blue.
*LJ loves to get back rubs from PawPaw.
*Troy let me sleep in this morning.
*It was much appreciated that Mom vacuumed and cleaned up a bit.

Favorite Moment:
*Being able to take a nap and getting a bit of quiet time (it's the little things some days)

Pics Taken: 188 (several contributed to PawPaw's iPhone)

Two tired girls

My favorite breakfast (outside of Troy's french toast)

Lovin' every minute of it (he got two during the day)

Checking out the toy catalog

Love his face (me with no glasses so they don't get broken--both kids tell me to take them off when we wrestle)

Perfect for a cool, fall day

Chillin' after her nap

On the way to the game (Grammy's silver coat is just poking out)

Throw in

Attack that ball

Go Lukester!

Taking a break

Corner kick

Stopping the ball

After game pep talk

Timeout for hitting

Laughing at LJ (this is the one piece of furniture Maggie is allowed on--every single time I'm sitting upstairs she has to jump up)



Going fast!

Getting chased

Not my normal perspective in the car

Such concentration

Checking out the menu

Waiting for our dinner

Kisses (this pic in no way reflects her attitude or how she was feeling--she ate next to nothing and was whiny the whole time we were there)

My goofy kiddo

Sunset at Pop's


Good night hug

New sheets on the bed (I can't lift the mattress after I hurt my back this summer)

Cleaning away the day

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