Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I just read a great post by Ali Edwards.  It really hit me.  Life can often be hard and messy.  We've been experiencing that around here a bit lately (who isn't).  BUT even in all that, there can and should be gratitude.  It compelled me to document my gratitude in the middle of our mess.

*Troy has been rather stressed at work lately.  Sometimes that stress comes home.  BUT we are grateful that he has a job that for the most part he truly enjoys and that fully supports our family.

*Hannah hasn't been herself for about a month.  She's had a cold and been whiny and cranky.  I took her to the doctor this morning which is the second time in a week.  BUT we are grateful that we have health insurance and a doctor I have complete confidence in.  AND we are grateful there are still moments in the day we can see our sweet little Hannah Bean shining through.

*Luke's schedule is going to be interrupted this week.  He is participating in a traveling children's theater at school and I have a feeling there may be some tiredness and crankiness because of the rehearsal schedule.  BUT I am grateful he gets to enjoy a new experience and also grateful that he wanted to try something new.  (There will be another post about the play--hopefully next week.)

*I have been struggling with being a stay at home mom and how different parts of society view that either positively or negatively.  BUT I am eternally grateful that I get to spend so much time with my children and be there for them as a stay at home mom.

*The house hasn't been staying as clean as I would like it to lately because my back just won't allow me to do some of things I used to do.  BUT I am grateful that I can play with Luke and Hannah and that my pain is only occasional at this point.  

*This huge burst of cold weather really sucks.  BUT we are grateful for a warm home and new heavy winter coats.

*It is hard to deal with the kids fighting over toys and sometimes just being together for too long.  BUT I am very grateful they each have a sibling and will come to know that special bond only siblings can share.

There are SO many things to be grateful for in our lives (my list is rather short).  And whether life is full of mess or going along rather smoothly it's always good to recognize and acknowledge our gratitude.

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