Saturday, November 1, 2014


Happy Halloween!

We had a fairly normal day outside of it being Halloween.  Hannah got to stay in bed rather than go with me to drop off LJ.  It was also nice to not have to get up early enough to take a shower since Mom and Dick were here.  We all had breakfast after I got back and after Grammy read Hannah a few stories.  Grammy and Hannah played trains while I took a shower and after that Hannah wanted to watch Daniel Tiger.  (She didn't feel well today.  Her congestion is really bad.)  Hannah played games with PawPaw while mom and I did some different tasks.  Hannah had a picnic lunch for I put her down.  Troy got home from work (half day Fridays) and then we adults had lunch.  I attempted to blog but there were problems with the internet.  Mom and I went to Loft for a bit before we picked up LJ from school.  On the way home we stopped at Sonic for 1/2 price drinks.  We started carving pumpkins once we got home and everything was set up.  We all got into it and really had fun.  After we were about done, I started dinner.  We ate pretty early so the kids could get ready to go out trick or treating.  The kids and I made a quick stop at Grandma and Grandpa Hogancamp's before picking up Grammy and heading to our old neighborhood to collect our candy.  Troy and PawPaw stayed home to hand out candy first (we had 150 kids).  Hannah really surprised me by wanting to hold my hand the entire time we were trick or treating.  After we walked around our old street we came back home and then Troy and PawPaw took LJ back out for about 45 minutes.  Mom handed out candy while I put H to bed and then when the guys got back Grammy read stories to LJ before he went to bed.  I tried to blog again but the internet was still having fits.  Because I had a headache, I went to bed early.  I had just fallen asleep after reading one chapter in my book when HB woke up crying.  Troy was getting ready for bed in the bathroom so I went upstairs to check on her.  I think she had a bad dream but we rocked for a bit and she asked to go back to bed.  Just as I climbed back in bed she started crying again.  Troy went up and repeated what I had done.  He had been back in bed about 15 minutes and we were both almost asleep when she started again.  I was so tired and my head hurt pretty bad so I asked Troy if I could just bring her down to our room.  (I have to say that we NEVER do this.  It was a weak moment on my part and one I can assure you I won't be repeating.)  She was happy to be in bed with us but proceeded to toss and turn in between short cat naps for about 2 hours before finally falling asleep.  It was a long night.

*Brrrr!  Our fall weather arrived with a vengence today.
*Hannah really has fun playing with Grammy and PawPaw.
*LJ was excited about the activities yet to come after we picked him up from school.
*I need to remember not to buy any more costumes with glitter on them.  Hannah had glitter spread from one end of the house to the other.
*I love 1/2 day Fridays for Troy (and so does he).
*It's nice to go back to our old neighborhood and be welcomed so strongly.

Favorite Moment: 
I had two today--carving pumpkins and having H hold my hand the entire time we trick or treated.

Pics Taken: 108

I had a few extra minutes before I had to make sure LJ was up so I read a bit.

He insisted on building a bit before getting ready for school.

He found the toy catalog from Toys-r-Us and had to look through it during breakfast.

Playing trains

I know it's blurry but I'm also surprised that I haven't yet captured a picture this week of her with her be-be's.  

Don't Break the Ice

A few quiet moments

Adults only

Girl time

Driving home from school

Only the 2nd time he's done the yucky part.

She wasn't too sure about the goo either.

Grammy took over and claimed it was true love.

He did most of it.

PawPaw didn't like it much either.

First time he's help cut

Final product

New technique this year--worked really well

Green slime with worms 

LJ loves the "hairy" dogs

Getting ready

Checking out the candy she grabbed from our bowl


Ready to go

Grandma and Grandpa H

The gang from the old neighborhood

Loved this

The one time she held Grammy's hand

One up, one down

LJ is up front

Checkin' out the haul

A bit tired but she insisted on eating all of Grammy's black olives

Checkin' out his haul

The bucket

My faithful companion (both computer and dog)

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