Tuesday, April 18, 2017

WITL Monday

Wow, I haven't blogged forever but it's WITL time again so that means, hopefully, I'll have a post every day this week.

Here is yesterday:

The day started like any school day--get the kids up and ready to go.  I was anticipating it being a rough morning after a long, busy weekend away but both kiddos were in good moods and we left the house a little earlier than normal.  I walked H into her class because I needed to chat with her teacher and I also needed a few things from the office.  I then headed to the Y to train with Crissy which was a challenge since I ate a lot of junk on Easter Sunday.  Then I went to Sam's Club (ran into my friend Ashley) and then to the grocery store before making it back home around 11:30.  I unloaded everything and picked up the kitchen and sorted laundry and then ate some lunch.  It was a nice quiet afternoon working on things for the school auction coming up.  I left to pick up the kids early to be able to go back into school for more auction stuff.  We left school about 3:15 and checked on the veggie garden when we got home.  Some creature has been digging where it shouldn't so we put out the pinwheels.  Luke reads; Hannah played with Legos; and I changed the laundry (again).  Hannah wanted to play in the driveway so while she rode her scooter I pulled some weeds and then we played together for a while.  Luke requested some time to play Minecraft which I let him do while I started on dinner and H went back to her Lego creation.  While I was talking to mom, Troy got home very exhausted and done with the day.  We grilled some chicken and veggies for dinner and then we all went for a walk.  The kids took shower/bath and got ready for bed.  After getting H in bed, I did the dishes and changed the laundry (again).  When Troy finished reading to LJ he went to the office while I worked on sending some emails and working on auction stuff again.  Hannah came downstairs about 8:30 complaining her toe hurt--we sent her back to bed with a band-aid and a warning not to get up again.  LJ came down at 8:45 for a final good night after reading on his own for a while.  Troy ironed before getting ready for bed and reading.  I fixed lunches and got ready for bed early.  We were both tired.  Of course the minute Troy turned out his light he was snoring.  I got stuck playing a matching game on my Kindle and turned out the light later than I wanted too.

It was nice to have a somewhat relaxing day unfortunately that wasn't the case for Troy.  I was pleasantly surprised by the kids' good moods while getting ready for school.  We all enjoyed a nice family dinner with no complaining about the food.

Favorite Moment:
I loved our family walk!

Pics Taken:

Always like to have this overview of the week for WITL

She insists on massaging her face on my legs and feet every morning when I put my shoes on.

He comes downstairs and snuggles in a blanket for a few minutes before starting his day.

Didn't really want to wake up


New as of December--Hannah adjusted SO well and puts them in all on her own


Just dropped off her Frozen backpack

Running to line up to go inside

My trainer (she's awesome)

Her spot when the house is empty (under Troy's desk in the office)

We really needed some groceries!

My kitchen is a disaster after being gone for the weekend.


Time to go outside

Wishing she could go outside

Auction freebies I've collected

Lettuce sprouts

Carrot sprouts

Stay away animals

I realized how desperately this needs to be weeded last week.  I'm not excited about the task.

Reading Rush Revere

Creating her zoo

Master scooter rider

Starting on the weeds

Having some fun

Sweet puppers is getting old


Heading out

Being active together--love it!

LJ is in the middle of the fairway (golf course was recently closed); since he can't ride anything he had fun exploring.

Cheesy all clean

Always order and precision (LJ)

Listening to Lord of the Rings

Berenstain Bears

Prepping for tomorrow

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SparklingAllison said...

Love the weather screen shot! Great idea. :) Also really like the gardening pics... need to get out there to do some gardening myself! Maybe this weekend.