Friday, April 21, 2017

WITL Thursday

Halfway point of WITL--hooray!  It's been a struggle this week for some reason but I know I'll be so glad I've stuck with it.

Hannah had a bit of a rough, grumpy start this morning but the kids got to school with no problems outside of that.  We talked about LJ getting his cast off later this afternoon.  I got some gas for the car and went to Target to shop for some of the auction baskets.  When I left Target it was raining which was a big bummer because I was supposed to go for a walk with my neighbor, Jen.  So I came home and took a quick shower.  Then I downloaded my pics and looked at Ali's blog.  I ate lunch and watched part of Designated Survivor before leaving to get LJ for his doctor's appointment.  He came into the office crying because he was so nervous about getting his cast off and mostly getting the pins taken out.  I tried to cheer him up by blasting some music but what worked the best was just talking about random things.  Troy beat us to the drs office and LJ was very glad to see him.  They took his cast off first which wasn't a big deal but knowing the pins were visible was not so good.  He then had x-rays which was hard because his arm felt so weird being out of the cast.  And then came the part we had all been dreading--getting the pins out.  Troy and I tried to keep Luke from completely freaking out but it didn't work.  Thankfully the surgeon got them out really fast and then it was over; Luke did scream bloody murder though.  I have never experienced that so I don't know what it feels like but the whole idea of it freaks me out.  The nurse that was helping the dr said LJ was pretty tame compared to how some kids act.  Troy went back to work and I took Luke to the Lego Store for his choice as a reward for the whole ordeal of breaking his arm.  We then went to get Hannah from school and head to gymnastics.  Luke played on his Kindle and I watched H/played on my phone while H had gymnastics.  Troy stopped to pick up pizza for dinner and beat us home.  The kids had another picnic and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  After some down time, H goes to play Legos and LJ starts on one of his new sets while I attempted to write my blog.  Troy and I notice that LJ's arm is pretty discolored and we unwrap the ace bandage and the color becomes more normal.  It was a bit of a rough night getting the kids in bed.  Luke was still upset/worried about his arm and H was really tired (typical for Thursday night).  Once everyone is settled I go back to my blog and Troy works on his presentation in the office.  I fixed lunches for the kids once I was done with my blog and head to bed.  We both turned out the light a little early.

LJ was nervous, anxious, and excited about getting his cast off.  I was so bummed it rained and couldn't go for a walk with Jen.  LJ was hurting pretty bad after his cast came off but we were SO glad it was off.  Hannah has really improved on her kartwheels and forward rolls.  It was awesome that Troy picked up dinner and we had a lazy evening.

Favorite Moment:
There wasn't one moment that stands out as a favorite today.  I did have fun shopping for the auction; helping LJ pick out his Lego sets and watching HB at gymnastics.

Pics Taken:

Letting Maggie out for the first time of the day

Good-bye hugs

Filled up

Auction notes and documentation

Summer fun basket and road trip basket

LJ has AR goals for reading.  He needed 10 points from Spring Break to the end of school and before this test he had 4.5 points.  So proud of him for getting it done with such a big book!

She knows exactly when I'm going to put my shoes on so she can get some face rubs.

Hey, I'm here too!

Again with more face rubs


LJ snapped this one of me driving--definitely a different perspective.

Occupying some time while we wait

The view of downtown from our room.

Getting the cast sawed off--much easier the second time when you know what's going to happen.

X-ray--this was a bit tough moving his arm around for the first time

Happy with some new sets

Backward roll down the ramp


He was very kind to let H help him build.


He didn't want to unwrap it again but we wanted to loosen the wrap even more.

She pulls my arm around her when we read.  It has to be in just the right spot.

Nightly treat after kids are in bed

Must have for the morning

Done for the day

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