Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WITL Sunday

It was a great family day!  I was the last to get up again (not really any surprise there especially on the weekend).  We had breakfast and got ready for church.  We are really enjoying our church and the pastor's sermons.  This weeks sermon was about being a witness in any situation even if you don't realize you're doing so.  On the way home from church we decided to go for a family walk to the park after we had lunch.  Once home from that adventure, Troy takes a nap, LJ reads and H wanted to ride her scooter so I was outside with her.  We came in after she fell and scrapped her knee; she watched Sofia and I blogged.  When Troy got up, he and Hannah went to the pool store for some supplies so Troy could open the pool.  Luke and I played in the driveway while they were gone.  Of course the kids just had to help Troy get the cover off the pool.  Then they helped spray it off although Troy and I finished the job.  While they were all outside, I fixed a quick, easy dinner and after eating we worked on the Disneyland Castle again.  Hannah also wanted to play memory which we did before heading upstairs for bed.  After lights out I finished the dishes and then vegged on the couch and watched NCIS and Bull.  Troy was getting ready for the week in the office.  I fixed lunches and he fixed his coffee before we headed to bed.

We were all a little grumpy this morning.  The kids didn't complain much on our long walk and I think we all really enjoyed it.  We talked about hiking on our upcoming road trip and LJ imagined seeing different wildlife which was fun.

Favorite Moment:
Our walk

Pics Taken:
106 (finished strong)

Wanting out

Hannah took this one for me after I had to put some powder on her face first.

So, these were the pins that were in LJ's arm.  Troy had them in his car because Luke wanted NO part of seeing them after the doctor gave them to Troy (I'm not really sure why we got them in the first place).  I asked Luke if he wanted to see them or not because I was going to throw them away.  He wanted to see them and told me I couldn't throw them away--sigh!  My finger is there for scale (thanks to my scientist husband).

Showing off her earrings and headband

Luke always reads the verses before the service starts--love that.

She insists on sitting on one of our laps--Troy got the priviledge today.

Driving home from church

Everything was so green and the kids matched, unintentionally, so I decided to grab some quick pics when we got home.  I'm really liking Hannah's hair with the headband.

Love this!

He was in a great mood and I didn't get a cheesy smile but a real one.  Also, that's as straight as he was able to get his arm at that point.  At least he had on a shirt that I didn't have to cut to fit over his cast.

Maggie even posed.

Heading down the trail

He didn't want to stop walking.

Love this too!

I got warm so I took my jacket off.  Unfortunately, I forgot the sunscreen.  Luke, Troy and my neck/shoulders all got too much sun.  Hannah's hair protected her.

She is an expert monkey bar crosser.

He wanted to watch the people at the skate park for a bit.  First thing he said to me was maybe I should go tell them to put on helmets.


You can just see the ball above the roof line against the trees.  We had a great time playing just the two of us in the driveway.  He made up a game and unfortunately for him, I beat him rather soundly.

Getting the cover off

Impossible not to play

Maggie was hoping for a drink; she loves to drink out of the hose.

Her turn to clean.

One of my clematis vines has probably 30+ blooms on it right now.

The pic didn't turn after I edited it; I'm too tired to go fix it.  This was part of our dinner.

Mint chocolate chip--the only flavor in his opinion

She's partial to it but open to others.

Family build time

Such a sweet MaggerMoo--her hips have been really bothering her a bunch lately.  I cringe when she gets up off the floor; the wood floors are definitely not her friend as they are so slick.  She has an uncanny knack of finding a comfy spot to lay in especially if there's a pillow to make it more cozy.

Memory--her favorite game.  She usually beats the socks off whoever she plays but I managed to beat her pretty well this game.

First night back in his own bed after getting the cast off.  I think he was happy to be back in his room.  See how red his poor neck is--mom guilt on that one.

And that concludes WITL 2017.  This was a hard week to document this year for some reason.  I'm so glad I pushed through and finished posting every day on my blog.  I love to go back and look at years past.  My first WITL was in July 2011 when I was pregnant with Hannah.  Life has changed so much since then.  I'm guessing these everyday stories and pics will be the ones I treasure most when the kids have moved on.  Thanks for reading!

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