Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WITL Tuesday

The past two days of pictures has shown me that it's hard to remember to take pics if the kids aren't around.  Several times yesterday after I had done something I would think I needed to take a picture of that (today hasn't had much improvement either--maybe tomorrow).

So, Tuesday went like this.

A normal morning routine of getting up and ready and then getting the kids ready for school.  Then I went to the Y and worked out solo--a walk to warm up, rowing machine and then some ab work.  I came home and cleaned up the kitchen, did some laundry, talked to my sis and made a few phone calls about the auction.  Then I took a shower and got ready.  I downloaded my pics and looked at Ali's blog and a few others and then I wrote mine.  A quick bite of lunch before I went to get my haircut.  Then I ran a few errands for the auction and got to school early to take of a few things for LJ's spring program.  The kids and I had about 20 minutes before we had to go get their hair cut so we went to the "duck" park.  On our way home from hair cuts we stopped to grab Chick Fil A for dinner since we didn't have much time before LJ had to be back at school for the program.  The kids had a picnic dinner and Troy and I talked about our days.  LJ and I left to get to school at the appointed time and I helped had out DVD order forms.  Troy and Hannah got to school about 10 minutes before everything started.  After the program, Troy took the kids home to bed and I went to bunco.  Several of us arrived late and it was a small group so we didn't actually play (not that do on a regular basis anyway).  I got home and had a horrible headache; Troy and I talked about some news I got from our realtor at bunco about the golf course closing; I fixed lunches; Troy changed the laundry; we got ready for bed and my light was out immediately.

The kids and I had fun singing to great music on the way to school.  It was quite warm and sunny today.  Unfortunately, I had another horrible headache.  I was able to secure more donations for the auction!  I love OCA; it is such a great school for the kids to be attending.

Favorite Moment:
LJ's Program

Pics Taken:


He insisted on eating immediately (he wanted time to play Minecraft before we left for school)

She still insists that I carry her downstairs every morning.  I don't mind really; it's a little reminder that she's not a "big" girl completely.

SO GOOD!  I love these--if you're a yogurt fan you need to try them.

Tying LJ's shoe--that's a near impossible task with one hand in a cast.

I was super stoked about my rowing time.  I haven't rowed for probably two months and my goal was 3500m under 18 minutes--made it by 1 second!

Her favorite spot to catch some vitamin D.

Maybe the cleanest the kitchen will be all week.

Love our shower floor

She loves to snuggle with me when it's quiet but she insists on being on top of me.  Today she was literally on top of my hand.

Ready to come back in

I always enjoying catching up with Staci at my appointments.


Shadow pics are so fun!

His cut--he hates having Staci spray his hair down with water.  She always gives him an extra squirt at the end just for fun.

Her cut--she doesn't understand or like having the big clips in her hair.  Today she insisted that they made her look like a gorilla--I have no idea where that came from.

Chick Fil A picnic dinner watching How to Train Your Dragon

She'll do anything for a french fry.

LJ's program

Hannah's friend Caroline sat with her during the program.  Such cuties!

He's looking SO grown up.

Luke's best friend Aubree--her mom and I try to get a pic of them together at all the major school events.  They hate it that we insist.

Scaring Dad before lights out.

He's adapted so well to not being able to use his dominant hand.

Bunco ladies

Fixing lunch for the kids--our new frig is so clean and organized (hoping to keep it that way).

The dreaded laundry chore.

Carrots are also pretty high on her list of favs.

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