Thursday, April 20, 2017

WITL Wednesday

Another fairly normal day in our week.  The kids got up and ready with no major problems and I came home for a little bit after dropping them off.  I did a few chores before I headed to the Y for Zumba.  After class I went to the chiropractor and I then I went to pick up the auction donation from Main Event.  I stopped to grab lunch from Qdoba on my way home and I watched Quantico while I ate.  I took a quick shower and then worked on auction stuff and downloaded pictures (starting to get a headache).  After I picked the kids up from school we went to Mitch Park for a while although LJ was pretty bored since his cast is still on.  The kids had a snack and LJ went to play Minecraft and HB to build Lego creations while I worked on my blog.  H asked me to join her so we all created things and sort of had a dance party at the same time.  Dinner went well--everyone enjoyed what I fixed and T and the kids had ice cream for dessert.  While I did the dishes they "bonked" and laughed and were silly on the couch.  We worked a bit on the Disney Castle before shower/bath and getting ready for bed.  Luke and I finished the first Harry Potter book (he's totally hooked).  Troy worked in the office after getting H down and I finished my blog and watched Survivor.  I headed to bed later than I wanted because I didn't realize that Survivor was 2 hours and you definitely can't just watch part of it.

I'm still having a hard time remembering to take pictures and I have no idea why that it.  Hannah was pretty tired after school today; thankfully it didn't create drama.  Survivor is still one on my most favorite shows ever.  I love the friends I've made at the Y.  And dancing to fun music will always bring a smile to your face.

Favorite Moment:
This is a bit strange but one of my friends at zumba and I figured out we had on the same sports bra--we thought it was hilarious (I think you had to be there).  And building Legos and dancing with the kids was super fun today.

Pics Taken:

Wish she could get rid of these overnight diapers

If he has time, this is his go to in the mornings.

She's finally letting me do pigtails more often--yay!

Hug and kiss before walking into school

Emptying the dishwasher

Love this view out the kitchen window

Zumba friends

Not too bad

Must have tunes


My faithful companion

Happy girl after school

Waiting for me to pull up

Love that they have so much fun together

No you can't see H but I really like the pic a bunch for some reason

She wanted me to swing with her; no matter how old you are swinging is fun!

A different slide this time.

Always good at school (well almost)

"I want a chocolate roll for snack Mom."

This week's spelling, vocab and verse for LJ.

Building away

Hannah insisted I build something on my own and then I got started and she insisted on helping me.  This park was our creation.

Her usual spot when we're upstairs.  It's getting really hard on her to come back down, poor puppy.

Roasted tilapia, steamed broccoli (LJ's choice), spaghetti w/ alfredo (a rare treat) and salad.


Cleaning up

Being goofballs

We're almost done with the castle.

They are in the middle of reading the Ramona books but H wanted a "regular" story tonight.

Saying goodnight with a kiss

After I finished Harry Potter, he read and finished his second Rush Revere book.  He absolutely loves them and history (he totally gets that from his dad).

Working hard on a presentation that he's giving for the 1st graders on Friday afternoon.

Jeff--I truly do love this show

Amazingly enough when you tell her it's time to go to bed, she does!  She doesn't sleep in our room anymore to help with Troy's allergies.

Out for the night

The flash made him squint but he didn't wake up.  He's been sleeping in the guest bed in order to have more room for extra pillows to support his cast.

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