Saturday, April 22, 2017

WITL Friday

What a wet and stormy day!  The first round of storms woke Troy and I about 2:30 but thankfully we were able to get back to sleep before the alarms went off.  I texted Troy right when I got up to make sure he didn't have any problems making it into work (heavy rain almost always causing flooding around here).  I actually got dressed in "real" clothes rather than workout clothes this morning.  Poor LJ came downstairs crying--apparently he had slipped on the stairs and fell down the last few.  The kids were amazed with all of the lightning and talked of nothing but the storm all morning.  It truly was pouring (later in the day we figured out it was raining at 4 inches an hour).  We actually sat at breakfast with the lights off in order to see the lightning better.  We left the house later than I wanted and when we were in the driveway I noticed the trash cans had been washed down the street a bit and one had tipped over because of the water rushing down the street.  I didn't have time or the desire to get totally soaked to pick it up but when I got home later some nice neighbor had picked it up for us.  Of course the drop off line at school was totally backed up because everyone was going to the overhang and even then the kids were still getting wet.  I was worried that Hannah and I were going to be late to her audiology appointment (my biggest pet peeve).  We made it with 5 minutes to spare--surprising with the weather.  Hannah's testing went well and showed no changes--hooray!  I get her back to school, talk with the ladies in the office and a few friends for a bit and check on LJ to see how his arm is doing.  Thankfully the rain had let up quite a bit.  I stop to pick up a prescription before heading home.  I walked around outside for a bit to check out what the storm had done and see how much water was in the ponds.  Then I just chilled on the couch and waited for Troy to get home (love half day Fridays).  We had lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, changed the laundry and then T left to give his presentation to the 1st graders at school.  I decide to take a nap because I was so tired.  Not long after I woke up, Troy and the kids made it home.  LJ set to work on his Lego set; Hannah went upstairs to play with Legos and Troy took a nap.  After a quick snack, LJ gets ready to go to Calvin's bday party and I pick up the house a bit before Penelope comes over.  Jen (neighbor) dropped P off and took LJ with her to the party.  Hannah and Penelope were very excited to hang out and did so fairly well.  After dinner, the girls and Troy and I watched Tangled before Jen brought LJ home and took P home.  We got the kids in bed after a short reading time and Troy watched a WWI documentary.  I fell asleep on the couch and Troy wakes me to tell me to go to bed which I did.

LJ was pretty careful with his arm because it's still fairly sensitive.  Maggie is so scared of storms, poor pup.  We are all ready for the weekend.  We needed the rain but maybe not quite in that manner. I was grateful to have taken a nap.  Hannah enjoyed being the oldest kid when Penelope was here.

Favorite Moment:
My nap and quiet time on the couch.

Pics Taken:

In the middle of it

Troy's response

She hates thunder and storms and followed me all morning and tried to find somewhere to hide in each room we were in--this is Hannah's room.

We use the toaster *every single day*

Waiting to get down the hill to the overhang

Good-bye hugs

Being goofy waiting for Ms. Krystal

"Coloring" while waiting; she picked out this color hearing aid in December.

In the sound proof booth taking her test.

It was PE time but with the weather they couldn't walk to the gym so they were in the cafeteria making paper airplanes and pop balls.

Almost over

Our dry bed was definitely not dry this morning--first time I've ever seen it actually look like a creek.

Muddy, very full pond behind our house

We normally walk along this sidewalk along the edge of the pond--the water was rushing down the spillway.

Dishwasher duty

I had a nap buddy.

Presenting on erosion and weathering

So green and fresh after the storm

Glad you're home

Nutella is a big fav around here


Ready for the party

Watching Tangled

Paint Your Art Out put the May calendar out today; I texted some friends to see if they wanted to go paint this cardinal.  I got one yes.  I'm excited about it.

Snuggle bug

We took the compress off before bed.  I was fully expecting this to look much, much worse.  


LJ's books

Troy and I enjoyed my favorite dessert after the kids were in bed.  Leftover pound cake from Easter dessert is the best for strawberry shortcake.

Ready for bed

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