Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So yesterday was an interesting day around here. Interesting for progress in the potty training department that is.

When I went to get Luke out of bed, he was laying in bed with the covers pulled up just singing along to himself. I pulled the covers back and realized his pj pants were on inside-out. Not too unusual but it surprised me because I didn't think he had gotten out of bed yet.

Then Luke says, "Mom, I took off my diaper and put on my underwear."

So I checked that. Sure enough his diaper was gone and he did indeed have underwear on only they were backwards. I didn't see his diaper anywhere and asked him where it was. He looked at me with a duh look and said, "It's in the trash can."

Yep, the diaper was in the trash can. So, I asked, "Do you not want to wear a diaper today?"

"No Mom not today."

We then proceeded to use the big boy potty successfully and put the underwear and pj pants back on correctly. All the way down the stairs I kept telling Luke that he had to tell me when he needed to go potty since he was only wearing underwear.

We ate breakfast and I asked if he wanted to go potty. No. I asked about 10 minutes after that. No. I probably asked about every 5 minutes until it was time to run our errands for the day. I did put on a diaper for venturing out to much objection but I knew we weren't ready for that big a step yet.

When we got home we took off the diaper, went potty and then had lunch. Again I started with the asking. Well, apparently I didn't ask often enough because about 10 minutes after lunch we had our first accident. No big deal right? Well, I took Luke to the big potty to make sure he was finished and then went to put a towel on the carpet. I was gone all of 10 seconds maybe. Luke managed to get half the roll of toilet paper into the toilet while I was gone. So several flushes later we put on another diaper because it was almost nap time and we're definitely not ready for that step.

Luke wakes up from his nap and I head upstairs to get him anticipating no diaper and a pair of underwear on. Nope. I had the first half of it right--no diaper but the underwear was laying on the floor and I'm looking at bare bottom (which is rather cute I have to say especially with the swim suit tan line). Luke told me he couldn't get the underwear on by himself. I had a couple more errands to run so we put another diaper on and the underwear on top of that.

We didn't take the diaper off for the rest of the day but I consider it all good practice and a sure sign from Luke that we are inching ever closer to no more diapers :)

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