Sunday, April 23, 2017

WITL Saturday

It was a super chill, relaxing day around here.  H was supposed to have a soccer game but the fields were too wet from the storm so it was cancelled.  The kids wanted a pj day so that's what they did.  Troy and Luke were up way too early; thankfully Hannah slept in a bit and I really slept in (my congestion was really bad so I rested longer).  Troy made french toast for breakfast and I got some fruit ready to go with it.  Troy did the dishes while I got the kids in the shower and redressed in pj's (so we wouldn't have to worry about it later and we could have movie night).  I took a quick shower and the kids played upstairs.  The kids then needed some quiet time so they watched Sophia and How to Train Your Dragon.  The kids had a picnic lunch and Troy and I ate in the office and talked.  The kids played upstairs again.  I left to go shopping for some auction stuff--I went to Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx.  When I got home, Troy and the kids were working on the Disneyland Castle.  H wanted me to play with her so the kids and I had a tickle fight.  Then it was movie time.  I wanted the kids to see another classic so I choose the original "The Parent Trap" which I think the kids really enjoyed.  We ended up ordering bbq for dinner because I was so worn out and ate while watching the movie.  The kids went to bed after the movie was over and I cleaned up the kitchen and changed the laundry (again!).  Troy watched another documentary while I blogged.  We were in bed about 11.

It was a chilly day especially with how warm it has been--only in the upper 50's.  The kids were in good moods almost all day.  They love having lazy pj days at home because they don't happen very often any more.  I was super tired all day; I was surprised I left the house for as long as I did.  I'm so glad that LJ is able to take showers again!

Favorite Moment:
I love the giggles and squeals during tickle fights!

Pics Taken:
47 (that's probably the least I've ever taken on a WITL day)


Playing with Lego Dragons before breakfast

French toast--the kids were super excited Troy was in charge of breakfast this morning; they LOVE Troy's french toast.

Happy kiddos--french toast must have syrup, powdered sugar and mini chocolate chips

LJ's first shower since he broke his arm.

He gets all the points for emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up after breakfast.

I figured out which shoes I was going to wear with my dress for the black tie gala Troy and I are going to in May.

Down time

He made the goofy face on purpose.

She's always close by if the kids aren't around.

My purchases (again I forgot to take a pic of any of the places I went)

Lego building

My favorite pair of boots that I bought last fall--I was excited to wear them again since it was chilly.

Tickles (Maggie gets nervous for some reason when we do this.)

Troy was cold but family time watching the movie.


Berenstain Bears again

Might be the last night he sleeps in the guest bed

Adult down time

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Teri Prichard said...

French toast my favorite! Love seeing your photos and story!