Monday, February 21, 2011


Last week our weather was beautiful! We had highs in the 70's all week so it was great to have all the snow melt and be able to enjoy some fresh air. After MDO on Wednesday we went to the park with Ashley and Benjamin for a while and then came home and played outside for another hour. Luke was most upset when it was time to come inside.
The many faces of a boy enjoying his swing!
Wednesday was also the first time I let Luke really be outside by himself. I was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and getting dinner ready with the windows open so I could hear him. Luke also kept coming to the backdoor to check in with me but I think he really liked being out there by himself although he did insist on having Maggie with him. The picture below is my big boy sitting outside taking a break with some juice.
These next two pictures are from Thursday morning. It was so warm Thursday morning that we were outside by 9 am with only a jacket on. Luke really likes to have stuff go up and down his slide although he hasn't yet mastered rolling it entirely by himself. Of the hour and a half we were outside I would say at least 20 minutes was spent rolling the soccer ball up and down.

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