Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Fork

Last night for dinner I fixed broiled pork chops with sauteed apples and roasted sweet potatoes. I wasn't too sure how much if any Luke would eat. It didn't start out great. Luke had a tantrum about getting in his chair and then just sat in his chair playing with his food for a while. I decided just to ignore him and then he starting eating the apples (I figured he would at least eat these). After a few more minutes he tried the pork which he thought was chicken--we didn't correct him. He ate only one bite of the pork and then refused it for a while. In a bit of frustration I tried to feed him a bite off of my fork. It worked! He was excited by my "big" fork and insisted on having his own. I figured if it would help him eat I was willing to try. Not only did he eat the rest of his pork but also all of the sweet potatoes that I had put on his plate! Hooray for a "big" fork!!! Below is evidence that my son actually ate solid vegetables!!!

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