Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is Luke's new responsibility chart. We've had it for a while but we just started using it this past week hoping to improve some behaviors. We introduced it to Luke last Saturday and explained how it worked--how he had certain "tasks" to do each day to earn a star and what the stars would earn him. This week we decided he would get a new toy. We also set the goal pretty low at only 15 so that he can learn how it works and be successful the first few weeks to provide more incentive. Luke seemed excited by earning stars and the first part of the week he would go around saying his "tasks"--say please and thank you, eat my vegetables, try not to whine, put away my toys and brush my teeth. Overall the week went very well although as Luke understands it more we will be more strict with it. We did have a few problems with not whining and putting away toys but Luke earned his 15 stars easily by Wednesday. So this morning Luke and Troy went to Bass Pro Shop for some man time and to pick out Luke's new toy that he earned. Luke got a play set for camping with a lantern, canteen, pot, silverware, compass and a "gas" stove. Troy thought it was perfect for all the tents and caves we've had around here lately. This week Luke's goal is 20 stars and if he gets those he will earn a treat out (like ice cream or hot chocolate).

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